Frequently Asked Questions FAQ


Participation in the program is only available to registered SurgerySavings members who are eligible to participate.

For all reimbursable procedures, SurgerySavings will recommend facilities and surgeons which are covered by your organization’s health plan. Let your doctor know that you prefer to go to that ASC. However, your doctor will ultimately determine whether or not you should have your procedure in an ambulatory setting. There are medical reasons why it may not be appropriate, given your overall health.

No. If you prefer to go to a facility that is not on the list of browsing options suggested by SurgerySavings, you can go there too; or contact us by filling out a simple form or calling 1-833-858-4584 to confirm your provider is rewards eligible.

General Questions

No. SurgerySavings does not schedule doctor or surgical procedure appointments. Our platform allows you to browse eligible procedure, facilities and surgeons and provides contact information for you to schedule.

You can contact us anytime between 8:00 am – 5:00 pm CST Monday through Friday at 1-833-858-4584

Program Information

SurgerySavings is a benefit program offered through your health plan and is not available to the general public. It is an incentive program that provides a financial rebate when certain medical procedures are performed at in-network independent ambulatory surgery centers and specialty hospitals.

SurgerySavings is accessed through the SurgerySavings Portal. Before seeing a surgeon for a procedure, be sure to browse eligible procedures within the SurgerySavings Portal to confirm your procedure is eligible and/or help you find a SurgerySavings surgeon and facility in your area.

During your appointment, be sure to let your surgeon know that you would like to have your surgery at the in-network ASC. After your procedure, return to the SurgerySavings portal, log in, and submit a simple online form to attest that you had your surgery at the in-network ASC.

Go to the SurgerySavings portal, log in, and select Browse procedures.

You can find our full privacy policy here.

We will use your information to administer the SurgerySavings Program and as indicated in our Privacy Policy. We will not share your information with other organizations except set forth in our Privacy Policy.

Your organization and/or health plan determines which procedures are available and covered. You may contact SurgerySavings if you have questions as to whether a particular provider is incentive eligible.


After having your procedure, go back to the SurgerySavings Portal and select “Redeem Reward.” Fill out a brief claim form and SurgerySavings will process your request.

SurgerySavings incentives will be electronically deposited through your company’s payroll. You should receive your deposit within 60 days of submitting a post-procedure form. If 60 days pass and you have not received your payment, please call SurgerySavings.

Your incentive will be electronically deposited through your company’s payroll or an alternative form of payment depending on what your organization has contracted. You can use your reward money in any way you wish, unless the fund are deposited in an account that limits the way the funds can be used, such as a health spending account.

When you choose to have your surgery performed at an ambulatory surgery center instead of a hospital or a hospital outpatient department, you’re opting to shift a surgical procedure normally done at a hospital to a specialized, outpatient surgery center. Whenever a procedure is moved from a hospital to an ASC, that shift saves money.

For you participating in the SurgerySavings program, some of the savings is used to provide an incentive payment to you.

Incentive information is updated on a periodic basis depending on the negotiated contract with your organization. Please contact SurgerySavings or your benefits manager for information specific to your program.

Yes, all cash incentives are considered taxable.