The best surgical care should be simple to find, easy-to-access and less of a financial burden
SurgerySavings is an employee benefit program, that offers you money back for opting to have your surgery at an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) instead of a hospital
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The best surgical care should be simple to find, easy-to-access and less of a financial burden

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SurgerySavings rewards you

When you choose to have surgery done at an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC), you're opting to shift a surgical procedure often done at a hospital to a specialized, outpatient surgery center. Whenever a procedure is moved from a hospital to an ASC, that shift comes with cost savings.

As a plan member, some of the savings will be used to provide a reward payment back to you.

Common Questions

What is an Ambulatory Surgery Center?

Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) are specialized health care facilities which offer patients the opportunity to have elective surgical procedures performed outside the hospital setting.

Can I use my current surgeon?

In some cases, yes! Ask your doctor if you have a choice where your surgical procedure is performed. Our platform will locate an in-network ambulatory surgery center near you.

How much could I earn back?

Reward payments will vary depending on the surgical procedure and on your organization's insurance plan.

How SurgerySavings works

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The benefits of SurgerySavings

Through SurgerySavings there are many advantages to choosing an ambulatory surgery center over a hospital and hospital-outpatient department including:

  • SurgerySavings providers are already in your health plan network
  • Through SurgerySavings procedures are 33-67% less expensive
  • SurgerySavings delivers better patient experience. Average patient satisfaction rate is 92%.
  • SurgerySavings patients are 45% less likely to acquire an infection

If you are in good health, having your procedure at an in-network ASC may be for you. Before scheduling your planned procedure consider your surgical options. Talk with your physician about what is the best option for you.